Simplicity is Hard. Innovation Requires Simplicity. Let’s simplify your next Project.


Startup Pipeline

We specialize in bringing your ideas to life by quickly delivering a Demos or MVP or a full-blown production application ready for customer onboard on a Time & Material or Equity Basis.


Software Development

We are a team of highly skilled developers and designers with DevOps skills to help you complete your software and setup a CI/CD pipeline as part of our process in deploying your application into staging and finally a production environment.

Our Process

We are first and foremost an Agile shop and include the client at each stage of the project which ensures there will be no surprises at the end of the project. We employ test-driven development, continuous integration and automation to provide a fast-paced CI/CD delivery pipeline


Rails Experts

We have been coding Rails since it’s Beta version some 13+ years ago. We can help architect your new project, upgrading and revitalize an old project or create a Rails API backend for your Mobile App. We can connect any API to your site to enhance functionality.

WordPress Experts

We are Divi Theme Experts and have been giving clients exactly what they want with a custom WordPress Divi site and not a  workaround. We are experts in using WooCommerce, Product Catalog, Calendar and many different Galleries to make your site and products look good. 

Cloud Experts

We are experienced with setting up and deploying to AWS, GCE, Heroku environments. We can set up your CI/CD pipeline using Docker or Kubernetes, ensuring your development is identical to production to accommodate the only constant in Business, “Change”.



At DigitLabs, we can Architect, Design and Develop user interfaces using Angular JS best  practices.  We have angularjs expertize since version one.


Weather it is ReactJS to power your mobile app or your website, engineers got you covered for your next react project. We also specialize in React with Rails backend projects for your larger project needs.


We like Vue for its simple clear structure plus the fact that it is also very popular with many PHP frameworks as the frontend architecture. Vue continues to gain marketshare in the current Javascript market shootout. 


We’ve carefully considered innovation and our innovative enterprises. Today, we’ve erupted an accelerated growth strategy while nourishing our organic sustainable capacity.

This is indeed in practice a set of simple yet solid principles exercised with precision; industry expert liaisons, extreme enterprise vetting and a moderate predictive model with low tolerance pivot precision and not to mention – hard work.

With these principals, we have produced successful, compounding results including a state-of-the-art fail-extremely-fast mechanism which gives us access to new markets with moderate to low risk.

We’re prepared and excited to give you a gratifying journey in our company.


Our Community

We strive to remain a resource to those around us.
Here are some of our ways of we stay engaged with our community. We are the organizers for the following Meetup Groups

Alpharetta Venture & Incubator

Alpharetta Rails Coders

Alpharetta Ionic